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Columbus Must Die - Query Letter - Summary

Strong female protagonist. Women’s leading role in Taino culture. Defense of Haiti. Accurate, historical setting and back-ground. Historical, Romantic, Interesting, motivating, and fun.

Columbus Must Die

History and fiction collide.

Set in the world changing, pivotal late 1400’s, this historical novel paints what I hope is an accurate picture of the motivations, mindset and morays at that time of the European and asks the question… what if a strong ‘New World’ leader had been able to stave off the Spanish conquest.


On his return to Hispaniola, Columbus is astonished to encounter, not the peaceful Indios of his first voyage, but fierce determined Taino Islanders, led by a Mystic, the austere, mysterious, Allemanda.

She has been shown in a vision, the fate of her people under Spanish dominance. She sees there is only one way she can keep her people safe and free, Columbus must die!


On Cristóbal Colón’s (Columbus’) second voyage to the West he has brought seventeen ships, an abundance of canon, long guns and pistols along with a large supply of shot and gunpowder for all of them. He has also brought twelve hundred men, horses, cattle and poultry, along with plantings for sugarcane, grain seed, grapes and other cash crops. He has come to stay.

His first voyage, inspired by God and scripture, had introduced him to the Taino, the strong, peaceful natives of Hispaniola, led by the gentle giant Guacanagari, seconded by his fiery, beautiful and somewhat mysterious daughter Allemanda.

Colón now plans on establishing his colony and headquarters here, for his trade with the Orient. Using tactics that the Spanish had perfected in their conquest of the Canary Islands, he is confident that with the offer of power and prestige to Guacanagari, he can employ these peaceful, pliable ‘Indios’ in controlling the local island chain and reward them with knowledge of Christ and the protection of the Catholic Monarchs, Isabella and Ferdinand.

But the controllable Guacanagari is no more. Monumental changes have taken place in his short absence from the Island, and he will face instead, the intelligent, charismatic and vengeful, Allemanda, the new Cacique, and her consort 'the dark Basque', Captain Lliago Des Champs, whom Colón had abandoned on Hispaniola ten months earlier.

In a dream state, Allemanda has been shown two different visions by her long dead, great grandmother, two different futures for her people. Her climatic showdown with Colón will have a dramatic impact on the course of relations between the Old and New Worlds.

With the protection of the Earth Mother, Kiskeya, Allemanda would choose to keep the Taino free!

The powerful role of women in the Taino Culture, the romance and beauty of pre-conquest Caribbean Island life, the seminal changes taking place world-wide in the 1490’s, the enigma and controversy that was Columbus and alternate result of his historic voyage… it’s all here.

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